At Bootstrap Mining we believe in a healthy work-life balance for all our colleagues


(Menegrith Venari) #122

You’ve read this far, you should probably just apply to join.

We’re quite friendly I promise!

(Ignatius Leopardi) #123

I’d be glad to chat with you if you have some time.



(Ignatius Leopardi) #124

I (believe) I completed the application step referenced above as well. :slight_smile:

(Menegrith Venari) #125

Thursday… the perfect day to join us

You can move in time for the weekend :slight_smile:

(Menegrith Venari) #126

Friday is also good though!

We’re still looking for members who want a mature, Real-Life friendly environment for international players of any experience level

(Menegrith Venari) #127

Still reading?

Good! We have a lot of reading materials we issue to our new members to help the acclimatise so if you like reading you won’t be disappointed :slight_smile:

We’ll be at Eve-NT London today as well so stop by and say hi if you’re there!

(Bren Kasir) #128

I’m gunna apply having read it all. 93m sp to my name but been out for ages. Run a company and have kids so RL is defo something I have to accommodate . Have my own Corp NEW FACTION, but will let me alt take over it for time being .

(Menegrith Venari) #129

Sounds good. We have many members in similar positions, which is why we are very understanding of real life demands

Well done on reading the whole thread btw - I’m very impressed :slight_smile:

(Menegrith Venari) #130

This is the recruitment thread you are looking for
(honestly it’s just less embarrassing to agree than to admit you were looking for another one)

Good now we’ve got over that you can go ahead and click here:

Several experienced UK players, or extensive PVP corp looking for ALLIANCE
(Menegrith Venari) #131

It’s been noted that we’ve no had a poll for a while so here’s one for you…

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(Menegrith Venari) #132

Keep voting or 100% of people will have to join twice. And that makes no mathematical sense…

(Menegrith Venari) #133

Friday… Applyday

(Menegrith Venari) #134

Oh no!

This thing fell down again

Anyone got some better glue?

(Menegrith Venari) #135

“Fancy a bump to the top?”

“Well don’t mind if I do…”

“Just don’t forget to tell the people to apply to join us”

“OK I’ll remember”


“There you go”

“Thanks! It’s a long way down! Now what was I here to do again?”

(Menegrith Venari) #136

“Well not to stay up there that’s for sure!”

“Ah! I remember now! It was to tell people that if they’re looking for a RL friendly corp living in NPC null with members across all timezones and over 20 countries, they can apply at - it’s really easy!”

“Yes, that was it…”

(Menegrith Venari) #137

If what you want for Christmas is a new corp then I’ve got great news for you!

Recruitment remains open at

(Menegrith Venari) #138

It’s Christmas! Give yourself a present and join a great corp!!

Go on! You’re worth it!!

(Menegrith Venari) #139

So it’s YC121 and you’re looking at your battered and dented Venture and wondering what you did with your life?

Time to try something new… apply now at

We guarantee to help you scrap that Venture in record time! Successful pilots may find themselves in something a little less cramped…

(Menegrith Venari) #140

January blues?

We’ve got blues. Although we’ve also got a NBSI policy so for them that’s probably a good thing…

(Menegrith Venari) #141

Well it’s a new year and this is a new post and here is a new poll, to help you join your new corp…

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