Attacking NPC miners

What happens if you attack NPC miners? Do they call in a fleet to kill you?

Take a shot at one and see what happens.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


It brings in a fleet but its scaled to your ship so its pretty easy to take them out and sometimes they drop good stuff and ore. Definately worth it.

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Easy? Maybe in a Battlecruiser or Battleship.

Those are MUCH harder than normal rats. And they will scram and neut you too.

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What fool would attack them in their mining ship. Of course you bring your BC/BS to take them out…

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Yikes, better leave them alone until I have that Raven.

I was never one for mining, but I always wondered why people slave away in the belts, rather than just ganking the NPCs and taking the ore. That sounds a lot easier to me.

That would be griefing, and miners aren’t about that. They prefer to make an honest paycheck instead of harming the well-being of those who do not consent to being attacked.


They call in half a dozen ships that are equivalent in power to a capsuleer. Can be quite a challenge. (I recommend testing your strategies on the test server if you can find the NPCs) The barge itself and associated hauling ship will warp to a safe spot in system and not move. You can then use your combat probe scanner to find it, warp to it, and attack it. It will again call one combat fleet, but you can pull that fleet away with a fast ship (2000 m/sec or so will do it) then warp back to the unmoving mining ship and blow it up at your leisure.

You can look up tutorials of the above on YouTube. I’ve heard people do it in the Hecate quite often.


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