Attention [EU timezone] Capital Pilots: Join "Who Needs Graphics Anyway" Corporation in Nullsec!

Attention Capital Pilots: Join “Who Needs Graphics Anyway” Corporation in Nullsec!

Are you an experienced capital pilot seeking thrilling adventures in the depths of nullsec? Look no further! “Who Needs Graphics Anyway” is a dynamic corporation led by seasoned veterans, and we’re searching for pilots like you to join our ranks.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Active Veteran Leadership: Our corporation is led by experienced veterans who know the ins and outs of nullsec like the back of their hand. Benefit from their wisdom, guidance, and strategic prowess as we navigate the challenges of deep space together.
  2. Nullsec Opportunities: Tired of the constraints of highsec? Nullsec offers boundless opportunities for wealth, power, and glory. Join us in our conquest of nullsec territories as we carve out our own destiny among the stars.
  3. Capital Warfare: Are you skilled in the art of capital warfare? Whether you prefer commanding massive dreadnoughts or leading fleets of carriers, our corporation is the perfect home for capital pilots looking to make a difference on the battlefield.
  4. Tight-Knit Community: Despite our focus on capital warfare, we’re more than just a group of pilots flying big ships. We’re a tight-knit community that values friendship, cooperation, and mutual respect. Forge lasting bonds with fellow pilots who share your passion for conquest.
  5. Lucrative Ventures: Capital pilots bring immense firepower to the table, and we ensure that your efforts are duly rewarded. Engage in lucrative operations, secure valuable resources, and reap the rewards of your hard work alongside your comrades.

Join “Who Needs Graphics Anyway” Today!

If you’re ready to unleash the full potential of your capital ships and embark on epic adventures in nullsec, join “Who Needs Graphics Anyway” today. Our veteran leadership, exciting opportunities, and tight-knit community await you. Contact us in-game or visit our recruitment channel to begin your journey to greatness. See you in the depths of space!


Recruiting new members!

Looking for capital pilots

We looking for capital pilots of any flavor :smiley:

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We looking for cap pilots in all shapes and sizes <3

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Still looking! :smiley:

Bump, there is still room :smiley:

still looking for new members! contact us ingame!

Looking for EU members!

Looking for you ! <3

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Pieuw pieuw! Looking for members!!

Bump! Looking for new members:)

Looking for all kinds of members within the eu timezone