Benevolenc3 Null Sec Industrial/PvP Corp Pilots Wanted- All Time Zones

Ok! First things first. Yes I’m a girl, now that that is out of the way onto the good stuff.

Friendly group of industrial PvPers. We are heavily focused on Capital ships of all kinds, from PVE to PVP. Sub-capitals are still ok we under stand not everyone wants/can fly a capital.

We have good all around members with all Time Zones represented. Come on out to null sec with us and join the family.

What we offer:
*Skill Book Program

  • Regular PvP Content
  • Capital PvP
    *Up to - 1.0 Sov Null for Ratting/Mining
  • FC, Ship fitting, Making Isk in Null, and new bro training
  • Alliance SRP incl. Capital Ships
  • Mineral Buy Back Program
  • Access to industry of all sorts

Our Requirements:
*20mil SP

  • Ability to use Discord and Mumble
  • Have a good attitude and be a team player
  • Be ready to (or learn to) defend your new home
  • You must have fun and enjoy playing the game

Recruiting status: Open (Omega Only)
Preferably 10mil skil points but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis

CEO - Bueller Two
Recruiters - Soul Render Arji, Redenter Outamon
Join [-BEN-] Channel in game

Also in case your curious :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting, come join the family

we are still recruiting :slight_smile:

Have gotten some great people so far. Still looking for more to help our family expand :slight_smile: Come fly with us you love it i guaranty it !

we are still recruiting :slight_smile: <3

We are still adding more pilots. Got some great pilots so far lets keep it rolling :slight_smile:

5 new members and counting come join the family :slight_smile: see what all the fuss is about

Numbers are still increasing lets keep growing the family. <3 Fly safe

Going Great!!! The capital fleet inside our own corporation just keeps growing come wreck face and have fun with us :slight_smile:

It has been great so far got alot interest adn a lot new faces lets keep going <3

You’re discord link has expired and the in game channel is empty.

Edit: Strange i had to join BENEVOLENC3 to get a redirect to [-BEN-]. It looks like there’s two channels with that name.

Thank you for letting me know. 07 it is updated and was great talking to you :slight_smile:

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We are still recruiting!! Looking for pilots that want to join the ever expanding family :slight_smile:

Still Recruiting. Still Looking to add to ever growing family of pilots :slight_smile:

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