Who needs grapics anyway --> PVP / PVE - Domain - Amarr - New player friendly [EU]

[W.N.G.A]" Who needs graphics anyway" is a PVP/PVE oriented corp, located in Domain. We are currently looking for new members. If you are PVP & PVE minded, fairly experienced, but most of all relaxed, with a mature attitude and if you are looking for a great time, we are the corp for you!
We have the following to offer you:

  • Active veteran leadership
  • Frequent OPS
  • Baiting
  • Bashes
  • PVE (simply because you need ISK)

Discord is required and communication is done in English. We do ask some commitment from your part as far as joining meetings and if possible fleet ops. But most importantly we are all just looking for a fun time together in EVE.

still looking for pilots

New player friendly

still looking

looking for pilots


looking for new pilots!

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still looking for pilots and corporations :slight_smile:

Looking for new members. New player friendly,
PVP - PVE - Indy

looking for members

Join us!, active members

Looking for new members! ., new player friendly!

still looking! :slight_smile:


looking for new members

New player friendly,
EU timezone corp

Looking for members

looking for new and old players