Attention, pilots of New Eden! New,Existing and Current players welcome! EU/US

Are you ready for a challenge? Perhaps a returning pilot? Then look no further than Black Powder Ballistics.

We are a part of the Hole Control Alliance and we’re looking for new members to join our ranks. We specialize in PvP content, and we’re good at it.

PvE/Industry/Planetary Interaction is also available.

We also live in a wormhole space, where you can find some of the most exciting PvE opportunities in the game.

If you’re up for the challenge, here’s what you need to know. We require all new members to have the [Discord]( app, so we can communicate quickly and effectively during operations. You’ll also need to pass an interview with a recruiter on our [Discord]( channel (<–Our Discord link)

We operate in the shadows, striking when our enemies least expect it. We’re fast, efficient, and lethal. We’re the ones who get the job done. And when we’re not hunting down our enemies, we’re exploring the vast wormhole space that we call home. The rewards are endless, and we offer training programs to help you become a better pilot.

BPBL understands and encourages that real life comes first. Integrate with us, be trustworthy and we will probably be flying together for years.


I am not looking to join your corp but instead offer a service to your corp. message me in game if you would like to know more. Thank you and fly safe…

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