Black Hole Drifter. Pilots Wanted. C4 - C3/C5

Black Hole Drifters (BHD) is a corp that was revitalized back into life around a year ago. We were a small group of vets coming back to the game out in solitude, and now over the past year, we have managed to build our own place out in WH space.

We are looking for pilots Interested in WH space.

We base out of a C4 with C3 and C5 static. BHD wants to improve its PVP efforts and is looking for like minded PVP pilots to help do so. In drifters, we do it all. You will have a wide range of opportunities ranging from excellent PI, profitable exploration, and lucrative ratting.

The corp is mainly USTZ, however we are looking to grow our EUTZ.

What we can offer:


· Structured doctrine fleets

· Small gang NullSec roams

· Kitchen sink yeet fleets

· Planned PvP events with other alliances


· Excellent PI opportunities.

· Several moons and frequent anomalies to mine.

· C3 and C5 static for solo and planned fleet ratting.

· Incredible exploration

· Gas huffing

· Ore, gas, exploration loot, and blue loot buyback program.

· Access to player structures for reactions, refining, manufacturing, and researching.

· A chance to grow into any role you desire.

· A supportive community

What we require:

· 20 million SP minimum

· Active on voice comms (no need to speak often, just the ability to listen in).

Join our in game Public Chat Channels “BHD Public” and/or “Drifters. Alliance” to speak with an alliance diplomat or recruiter.

See you on grid,

The Drifters

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