(AU) 11m SP Caldari Mission Runner, looking for something more

I’ve been playing (again) for a little over three months now, mainly running missions in Caldari High-Sec. I really do like running missions solo, but would love to find a small-ish group that is active in the AU evenings and weekends (6am to DT in-game) to run with. Just got myself into a fully T2 fit 200km Rokh, which is super fun, so would love to run some level 5’s, particularly with Caldari Navy.

I have little interest in PvP so not looking for war eligible nor friendly fire corps. I might like to go on a roam or two to build up some confidence if it’s an option, but it’s not my main focus.

This isn’t my first time playing EVE (on and off since 2004) so I don’t need any hand-holding. I’m just looking for some good people who want to have fun shooting space pixels together.

Most importantly: I’m currently studying a Masters degree at University so study comes first.

I can run a tight ship and generally run pve and high intensity pve at that. I can’t guarantee never having Wars but I can promise room to grow and doing the things you want to do.

Come and have a talk.

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