AU/NZ TZ - We Aim to Misbehave - PVPers! Explorers! Miners! Industrialists! ALL WANTED!

Are you in or around the AU/NZ TZ?!?!

Part of The The Serenity Syndicate. We Aim to Misbehave is a group of nerds that play in the AU and late US TZ that like to mix up all EVE has to offer!.. We are a family first and foremost and work together to blow stuff up as well as build it! The recent Industry changes have put us in prime position to take advantage!

What do we Want?

  • Active EVE Players that do what they do and provide PvP support for their Corporation and community when required and of course real life permits.
  • 5 Million SP ( less is fine IF you have completed tutorial and SOE epic arc)
  • Capital and Blops pilots HIGHLY regarded
  • All toons auth’d up on our coalition website

What do we Offer?

  • We buy EVERYTHING from members
  • Active coalition market
  • Full SRP
  • Alliance structures and service modules for all your industry needs
  • Ship handouts for many fleets
  • Discord and Teamspeak installed with mic and headset

How do you Join?

Who doesnt like a good Procurer BOMB!!!

Or a good Gate camp blob on a shinny killmail…

Need more nerds! Come join us for some shinanigans!

The new gates present a great new opportunity. Come join the fun.

Currently on deployment having fun. Thanks to Talking in Stations for the Shout Out.

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