We Aim To Misbehave - AU TZ PvP and Industry

We Aim to Misbehave!

Whether you’re looking for PvP (Small gang, Covert Ops, Fleets), Industry, PVE (Missions, Exploration Abyssal etc…)… Or a combination of all the above. We have a home for you. With nearby Null Sec, High Sec and Faction Warfare Space there is always something to do. So if you want an Active Corporation and Alliance look no futher.

What we offer:

  • Ship Replacement Program

  • Handout ships

  • Teamspeak and Discord

  • An EVE Family

  • Content (PVE and PVP)

  • Covert Ops and Black Ops hunting

  • Moons

What we want:

  • No Minimum SP (Although must have completed Tutorial, Career agents and SOE Epic Mission Ark if less than 5 miliion SP)

  • Headset, Teamspeak and Discord

  • Mature attitude (18+ only)

  • No ■■■■ talking in local

To apply log onto our website http://www.serenitysyndicate.com and apply to We Aim to Misbehave in game.

Jump on discord to say hi or find out more.

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