I Aim To Misbehave - EU/US - Low/Null - PVP/Indy

TLDR: We take the fight. We do PVP and Indy in Low/Null. We’re a veteran alliance that will also teach newbros. Chill group of adults who likes shooting spaceships.

• New to PVP? - We Don’t Care!

We’ll show you how to explode stuff.
Your stuff. Their stuff.
Everyone’s stuff.

• NOT New to PVP?

Able to use Black Ops? Covert Cyno? Force Recon? Stealth Bomber? HACs? Trig?
Free Exotic Dancer (of your preferred gender) on completing the application process.

• Tired of 10hr CTAs and/or Cancer Coms?
We’re chill. Generally fly when you like. We’ll even find a way to accommodate your Drake. (Smartbombing, ECM, Hull-Drake).

No SP requirement but prefer Omega

Join our Discord Chat: I Aim 2 Misbehave

We have an easy to complete questionaire. There are no right or wrong answers…well…except for the question about breakfast cereal. You will need to get that one right.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
What is your experience level in the game?
One character or many?
Do much pvp before?
Preferred style of combat?
Favorite ships/fits?
Favorite breakfast cereal?
Omega Clone / Mic / Human?

we got a boat load of content right now. low/null. regular 5-30 man fleets.

looking for EU and US pvp pilots

bump. we got lot’s of fights and more on the horizon. accepting new bros as well as vets

Possible returning player looking for a corp that would be willing to take me in, I pretty much starting over as far as experience I haven’t played since 2013, I enjoy pvp/mining just looking for a laid back group to join

Uthlad we are a primarily mining and industry corporation with a pvp counterpart in our alliance if you would like I can discuss further aspects of our alliance feel free to message me in game or on discord (Reason#3022).

hey apologies for not seeing this sooner. happy to chat with you further in game or on Discord.

We are laid back and do both PVP and mining in low sec as well as some null.

I Aim 2 Misbehave - or hit me up in game.


You sound like what I’m looking for, with one exception… I’m looking for an alliance to put my corp in, not a new corp. Experienced pvp’er who builds everything up to and including caps. Multiboxer, of course. Let me know if you’re interested.
P.S. you can see more about me in my current forum post “Looking for an alliance”

hit me up in game and we can talk about it

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