Low / Null Indy and PVP - Seeking Individuals or Corps

updates to this we’re generating a top of fights in addition to our indy needs… we need PVP bros as well

I Aim to Misbehave has historically been a low-sec PVP alliance. We recently began invading a slice of null sec and accidentally evicted the residents.

As a result we’re looking to flesh out our indy backbone as we increase operations.

Seeking indy/hauling/miner toons and corporations.

This region is somewhat in flux. Profits are good but it’s the wild west.

We will help you get set up, we will help with infrastructure, and we will cover your a** when you inevitably get shot at.

PVP will also be provided as the bulk of the alliance is PVP-Focused.

I need Indy dudes who have a spine.

In Game Recruitment channel is: I Aim 2 Recruitment
Discord Recruitment Channel: https://discord.gg/rJhRZXe55P

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