The Serenity Initiative - Looking for PVP Corps

The Serenity Initiative is part of DCU, as a 0.0 based Alliance and a friendly group of members, we are currently looking for PVP based corps to join us down in Etherium Reach.

So here’s what we have to offer:

  • 0.0 Sov Warfare and skirmishes.
  • Access to 0.0 ice systems.
  • Ratting (Angel Cartel).
  • Ship replacement program (SRP) for alliance PVP fleets and coalition fleets.
  • Ore Buyback program.
  • Black ops and capital fleets.
  • Regular PVP fleets.
  • Experienced pilots in all areas.
  • Logistics services that are alliance and coalition.
  • PVP Incentives for you and your corp.
  • Friendly EU/US Community.

Your alliance mates are laid back and mature, and our leadership is always willing to help you out.

What we require:

  • When our sov is under conflict, for you to attempt to join defence fleets.
  • Willingness to train new ships and to train doctrine ships.
  • Self sufficient pilots.
  • Miners and industry based pilots.
  • Traders to help to sustain a well stocked market.
  • Players to work on solar system ADM’s.
  • Mumble (with working headset).
  • Full API’s.

If you are interested in joining and making new friends and making money along the way feel free to contact us in game.
Channel : [SERIN] Recruitment and Help

Contact : David Deltori (EU)

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