DBLOD - Sov 0.0 - Pvp, Ratting, Mining, Industry

(Durza Shruikan) #1

We are members of The Serenity Initiative Alliance.

What we offer:

  • Pvp Fleets
  • SRP For Doctrine Ships
  • Nullsec Systems for Ratting & Mining
  • Loot Buyback Programme
  • Ore Buyback Programme
  • Industry Citadels
  • Friendly Community
  • Alliance Jump Service to Jita

We are a relaxed corp that runs a real life comes first policy.
You won’t be just another number here. We are close group of friends that wants to expand.

What we require:

  • Willingness to join Fleets
  • Willingness to Train Doctrine Ships
  • Full API
  • Omega Account
  • 5,000,000 Skill Points Min
  • Be Self-Sufficient
  • Mumble, Teamspeak 3 & Discord

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions ping me a mail!

Fly Safe,

140m SP, UK Player looking for new 0.0 Home
(Durza Shruikan) #2

Still looking for members!

(Durza Shruikan) #3

DBLOD still recruiting

(Durza Shruikan) #4

Recruitment is still open

(Durza Shruikan) #5

Looking for more members.

(Durza Shruikan) #6

Join up today!

(Durza Shruikan) #7

Looking for more members

(Durza Shruikan) #8

Still recruiting!

(Durza Shruikan) #9

Plenty of ratting and mining to be done! Loot and ore buyback

(Durza Shruikan) #10

Recruitment still open

(Durza Shruikan) #11

Looking for more members!

(Durza Shruikan) #12

PVP, Ratting and Mining. Send me a mail in game

(Durza Shruikan) #13

Looking for new members again!

(Malfurion Stonerage) #14

We are still recruiting, safe ratting and mining space, lots of pvp if you keen too.

(Malfurion Stonerage) #15

Still Recruiting!

(Durza Shruikan) #16

Still looking for more members.

(system) #17

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