DBLOD - Sov 0.0 - Pvp, Ratting, Mining, Industry

We are members of The Serenity Initiative Alliance.

What we offer:

  • Pvp Fleets
  • SRP For Doctrine Ships
  • Nullsec Systems for Ratting & Mining
  • Loot Buyback Programme
  • Ore Buyback Programme
  • Industry Citadels
  • Friendly Community
  • Alliance Jump Service to Jita

We are a relaxed corp that runs a real life comes first policy.
You won’t be just another number here. We are close group of friends that wants to expand.

What we require:

  • Willingness to join Fleets
  • Willingness to Train Doctrine Ships
  • Full API
  • Omega Account
  • 5,000,000 Skill Points Min
  • Be Self-Sufficient
  • Mumble, Teamspeak 3 & Discord

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions ping me a mail!

Fly Safe,

Still looking for members!

DBLOD still recruiting

Recruitment is still open

Looking for more members.

Join up today!

Looking for more members

Still recruiting!

Plenty of ratting and mining to be done! Loot and ore buyback

Recruitment still open

Looking for more members!

PVP, Ratting and Mining. Send me a mail in game

Looking for new members again!

We are still recruiting, safe ratting and mining space, lots of pvp if you keen too.

Still Recruiting!

Still looking for more members.

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