[AU] Red Bear Club [PVP] [Industry]

Red Bear Club (RBC) is not your normal recruiting group. RBC is a group of corps based in Amarr space and spread across two partnered alliances allowing a home for both PVP and Industry players.

Our PVP corp is part of a High Sec War dec alliance providing plenty of content for you to enjoy. For your industry toons we are part of an alliance that is safe from war decs and also has access to a growing range of upwell structures to help you in your endeavours. As part of both of these corps you will have access to a C1 Wormhole with structures inside.

We accept both Alpha and Omega Pilots. Our current most active members are in the AU East timezone but we are willing to accept members from other timezones.

If you meet the requirements listed below and would like more information please join RBC_Recruit.

To join us you must::

  1. Have a working Microphone and be willing to join Discord.
  2. Be willing to conduct and ESI check.
  3. Have a sense of humour and not get offended easily. After all, we are mostly Aussies
  4. Be willing to talk to recruiters on discord as part of the recruitment process.

RBC Recruiting all, come join us in our ingame channel “RBC_Recruit” :smile:

We are still recruiting come and join us in the ingame channel"RBC-Recruit"

How do I find your corp on Dotlan?

Bumped because theyre good lads!

bumping cause we’ve had some good fights :smile:

Hi Morlekk,
Sorry for the delay in response you will not find us on dotlan as we do not hold sov. we are based in the Domain region.

Just joined and I am having a great time. There is no tackle like hero tackle.

Bumped for busting structures and rocks.

Bump :smile:
Still blowing things up :smile:

A bump because the Fortizar is up


Any you mob gunna be around tomorrow arvo for a chat? Recon might be close to up my alley. You had to bump this minutes after I put a post up lookin for sorta the same thing

Hey mate we should have someone around. hope to chat then.

Bump still looking for members.

back to the top… looking for members.

We have been growing but we are still looking for new pilots for both our PVP and Industry wings.


Bump, I joined a while back as a new player, still loving it. Making stuff explode is great!

Bump as we have just found some sweet level 4 mission hubs to add to the indy and pew pew, oh, and the holiday dacha in the WH