AU/USTZ Sov-Null Newbro Friendly Corp Looking for more!

Lesh Tec. Inc. is a Smaller PVP group based out of Fountain focused on dynamic PVP engagements across Null sec. We regularly lead black ops, Alliance fleet ops and small gang focused PVP. We are part of The Celestial Empire and PAPI. We are primarily an AUTZ Corp, however, USTZ content is also plentiful and we are open to EUTZ recruitment. Lesh Tec. Inc. is an active group of players, searching for those who can handle dynamic PVP at its finest.

Recruitment Goals:

We are primarily looking for AU Timezone and US Timezone players. While we are a PVP focused corp, we are also looking for medium to large-scale Industrialists at the moment, with quite a bit of opportunity for a few serious indies, or those who want to Krab.

What we offer:

  • Regular roams and fleets
  • Mumble/Discord/Teamspeak Server Communications
  • Plenty of alliance moons
  • Alliance Logistics
  • A Fun and Engaging Corp Atmosphere
  • Newbro Friendly environment to help you grow as a pvp pilot

Join Lesh Public in game or jump in our Discord and say hi

Recruitment is still open!

Recruitment is still very open!

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