Auction closed / Abyssal Stasis Webifier with better than officer stats

Up for grabs is a mod that has tremendous potential for PvP. Wouldn’t you love to be able to put that officer mod on your cruiser? Well here’s your chance. Although you’re able to get a significantly greater range from a mutated officer mod, you can’t run that mod on anything smaller than a BS, maybe a BC with the right fit. This Web could be used on pretty much anything (maybe not your pod). The only drawback is the ECU isn’t amazing. Base mod was True Sansha. Here is a little comparison for you:
(Hakim’s value - H, Abyssal - A)
Optimal range
H: 18 km
A: 17.98 km
Velocity Bonus
H: 60 %
A: 60.1 %
Activation Cost
H: 15 GJ
A: 6.04 GJ
PG Usage
H: 1750 MW
A: 1 MW
CPU Usage
H: 18 tf
A: 32.13 tf
The powergrid usage on an officer mod is unmutable so basically this is close to the best Web you can get, to fit on a smaller ship. Sitting comfortably in a container inside Jita 4-4 and is in no rush to leave so please don’t ask me to accept your offer repeatedly. Will go to the highest bidder on Feb 8 12AM CST. Also want to point out that I am not only accepting offers here, but will be taking offers in game from a group of mutants as well. Anyway, enough from me. Let’s hear from you. We will kick this off at let’s say 6B opening with minimum 300k bid increments.

No bids. Auction closed. Going to keep it tucked away for later :slight_smile:

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