Auction for Corp Name and Ticker[Closed - Unsold]

Probably not worth anything, but, here goes…

I had this idea for a corp name/ticker and, turns out, it was available.

Humanity’s Valuable Asset Collectors [H-VAC]

Has little to no standings, no real assets and aside from namesake, no real value outside of what may be intrinsic.

I’d like to see if anyone would be interested in buying via an auction.


Starting Price: 5,000,000.00 ISK (5 million ISK)
Buyout Price: 900,000,000,000.00 ISK (900 billion ISK) (Not that I even remotely believe it will get anywhere near this)
Increment: Any
Duration: 6 day tick (Any offer, or lack thereof, exceeding 6 days will end the auction)

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