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Edit: I posted before i saw the screenshot

It shows in the Screenshot But also added it to the Title :slight_smile:


Auction closing when?

Alright, since there’s no end date the bid is good for two more days. Not really interested in being a permanent line of credit.

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Still going

To the top!

75 is to low for now will give this a few weeks this time and see if anyone is interested thanks for you offer anyways!

In the future, post the price you intend to accept. You’ll spend less of your time wasting other people’s time.

I added a buyout of 90b shortly after I got 2 offers for 75b. It seems to low nothing else
don’t expect people to just throw something at you because u made an offer and if those 120 seconds writing this post was wasted time for you you must be a very Busy man :slight_smile:

You got 75b offers because that was the price you posted. They were answering the price you stated you’d accept. That’s how selling things works.

In game, click “The Agency,” click “Tutorials,” click “Career Agents” and click “Business Career Path” - there’s a handy tutorial for how trading works in Eve, designed to help clear up confusions like this.

Meanwhile, I should have listened when others said not to bother trying, with you.

I said “Starting Bid 75”. usually people start bidding higher then lol.

But yes now u are wasting ur time :slight_smile:

Carry on and acept a no. good luck

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