Item Sold


Starting Bid 2 Bil


end date ?

Will end 8/24 at evetime 23:50 highest bid at that point gets it. Slightly more than 24 hours.

okay thanks. bookmarked this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Hate to overbid Katana, but this one’s too good. 3b

This suit is too much fascinating as to force me competing with you, Zheckarr :sob:

I’d be willing to overbid, but honestly I feel like you should have one first. I retract my bid

4 bil.

I’ve been trying to find one since the event started

Okay thanks zheckarr. I’m sad to see you retracting but would like to keep up bidding.

5 bil for me

5.5 B Bidding

6bil bid

6.5B bieeing

7 billion

23:50 last bid 7 billion will place contract up to Ten ahrest

Will accept shortly

Seriously ? 7 Bill bid was on 23:51.
Welp. It’s okay. You’ll just get extra 500 mil piece cost for your own reputation.
You just should have said to sell for the most high ball regardless of end date.

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