As the title states

Starting Bid for each 10 B .



Bidding Ends : 21th August 00::00 eve time .

I’ll get started, 10b.

Though if you are doing an auction, you should post an end time.

10 B for which ?

I’m just gonna an offer that will make me happy .

Oh wait nvm I thought it was for the pair and not each.

Bid withdrawn.

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I’ll offer 16b for both.

offer noted

Bump still selling

10b offer on the men’s suit

@Ninja_Baby I’ll offer 25b for both

23 both.

24 for both :smiley:

28b for both :slight_smile:

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I’ll up to 29b for both

Got a 30b offer atm .

32 for the pair

Already sold sorry .

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Thank you for your business!
For reference, they sold for 32b

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