[SOLD] WTS. Clothes. 6B. Women's CONCORD 'Solitaire' Survival Suit


I want to sell clothes : Women’s CONCORD ‘Solitaire’ Survival Suit*

Jita sell = 10B
My start price : 6B

I’ll offer 6b

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I’ll ask you to wait some hours, maybe someone will offer a bigger price tag.

Np, issue the contract when ready

6.1 offer :slight_smile:

Are you ready to offer more?

7b Concord suit offer

7.1 offer

I think that the auction is being delayed. It’s been 7 hours since the last message.
If no one offers a higher price within 3 hours,
I close the auction and the clothes get Auran Glimmer

Sold out! For 7.1B
Buyer Auran Glimmer

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Lol what? I saw that post and it was nothing. What are you talking about?

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Don’t question forum moderation.

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Thanks for your support, I was trying to give Auran a hard time. I forgot to take into account some mod’s impressive lack of a sense of humor.

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