WTS Concord Solitare Survival Suits

1x Mens 15b is lowest sell order
1x Womens 5.4b is lowest sell order

Give me a offer somewhere around that

A concord Men’s sold for 4.48B in August this year, and its the highest price sold this year. I’ll offer 4.6B for it.
For the Women’s one I’ll offer 3.8B

Unfortunately he’s correct about the price, that’s what they’re currently selling for in Jita…

Indeed the sell orders are right, but I’m talking about actual sales happening in Jita. Check the order history if you’d like and you will see exactly what I posted.

I’ll offer 5B for men’s suit :slight_smile:

I’ll up it to 5.25B for the men’s and will keep the 3.8B for the women’s

5.4b for men’s one :fearful:

5.5B for the men’s one =)

5.75B :pleading_face:

lets see how high I can get you to buy this thing. 6B for the mens one.

stop bullying poors like me :pleading_face:

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6b leads for the male one.

Also got a 16b offer for both and a set of trimpuhant skins (garmur, orthrus, barghest) in evemail

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