WTB suits

Looking for the following apparel items.

  • Men’s CONCORD ‘Solitaire’ Survival Suit
  • Men’s EDENCOM ‘Defiant’ Combat Suit
  • Women’s EDENCOM ‘Defiant’ Combat Suit

Send your offer via ig-mail, via Discord ( Katana Masen#2628 ) or post here.

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Still Looking for.

Your suits may be looking for a new owner. It’s me !

Men’s EDENCOM ‘Defiant’ Combat Suit x2 25B each
Concord Suit -Make offer
Please dont send your friend/alt named Minted to try and scam me again and remember this was all recorded if you decide to snap back I can post again.
Please mail me in game so I get notice faster and can complete deal with you better
Have a amazingly wonderful weekend and the start to a great grand week

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