High End Officer Auction

Hey all,
I’m auctioning these now. Auction will run for 5 days (closes this time on Sunday)

No starting bid, have fun


starting at 60b

Bumping up to 75b

100 bill

Still going

Sorry for the miscommunication, this is going to have to get extended a few days at least. Turns out I planned the end of the auction for the day I moved countries :smile:

Glad you posted, I forgot about this sale but will offer 105 :slight_smile:


111b offer

115 bil

Still going for a bit longer. Still traveling too. :face_exhaling:

120b - How long left?

Thanks. I’m still all over the place. Let’s just call it Christmas as the end. Easiest to remember :grin:

Will withdraw my bid, bought some today :stuck_out_tongue:

120B offer

Final bump before Christmas. Have a great holiday everyone!

Will contract the modules to the winner sometime tomorrow when the niece and nephew have finished tearing through the living room. :smile: