Resale as wasted lot of time with scammers.

Bid start: 180 bil
BO: 200 bil

Please contact in here as I do not play that often.

Still for sale

110bil bid

111 B and you explain how to fit it to me.

125 bil. Itll never be fitted.

130b Mommy needs a good flip :moneybag:

150 bil… there goes your flip.

151b :smiley:

My flip is still alive!

You’ll have to compete against the ten I already own. 160 bil

Yea that is something I can’t win. But that doesn’t mean I give up!

161b! :cold_face:

I bought mine for 100 bil each… nice flips bro! 162 bil
Don’t be a market chaser, be a market maker.

Yea haven’t been playing since years to buy them that cheap :smiley:
But one day I buy my first AT ship , then I undock and dock it in Jita all day for the Memes!
Also I am out good luck

Still up for sale

Still for sale

I will trade a hydra for it if you are open

I would like the isi if possible thank you

isi? what do you mean?

Isk. Sorry autocorrect kicked in

okay my offer will stand. Let me know if you wish to conduct the trade, the hydra is in high sec.

Still for sale