8m SP 50k unallocated
No Killrights
Positive Wallet
2 Remaps
No Jump clones or Implants

Can Sit in a Nyx :slight_smile:

6b Starting bid

Retracted for now

Wait why did u Instantly bid 10b. Did I miss something he has only 8m SP?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t ask questions just take the money and run :slight_smile:

Carrier pilots are worth more


If you don’t reply, I’ll withdraw my offer and go somewhere else.

lol if u have it that rushy thats fine withdraw ur offer … lol
I will give this a few hours to give everyone a fair chance good day!

You are too greedy. I don’t want to wait. I withdraw the offer.

U a not in npc corp now, pls, check rules.
I’m ready 8b if first bid rejected too )

Please let me know at the last minute that I will continue to pay attention to you.

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I left corp already a few hours ago , appearantly have to manual refresh skillboard ty

ok going to end this auction in 15 minutes Highest bid wins.


8.7b i can


I can’t give mo, u win

Thank you

lol u started at 11b 2h ago and now we are at 9 :smiley:

I don’t think thats how auctions work. your Highest bid was 11b earlier if u don’t stand to that i will give it another day and search for a serious buyer

Edit: You literally retracted ur offer after I said that its ending now :smiley:

lol :slight_smile: 11b rejected before, yijiayi didn’t break any rules