WTS 26m SP pilot


Positive Wallet
Located in Highsec
No Kill Rights
JC’s in various Null Locations

B/O = 15B

Character is in player corp despite eveboard not being updated.

12 billions

Thanks for the reply. Clearly you didn’t read the document in its entirety since it states that the character must be in an NPC Corporation at the time of the posting (which he was). It does not state that the eveboard must reflect as such.

Appreciate that you’ve deputized yourself as the defacto policeman of the forums. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Being cryptic and blindly pointing to a CCP policy that you’ve clearly not read, nor understood is not helpful. You’re being obstructionist, and frankly, if anyone’s in violation of the current policy its you in the amount unrelated, non-bidding banter that you’re posting to peoples character sales.

Request @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode remove your previous 4 posts from this thread so as not to dissuade potential bidders.

13 Bil if still available


15B B/O

15B accepted, please send isk and account info

ISK and Account info sent. Thank you!

transfer in progress, enjoy!

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