5m SP Pilot

looking to sell my 5.5 mil sp pilot, hes unused and going to waste

pass is 1234

taking bids

NO tyre kickers, NO messing around

You violate again the same rules, and the no bump.

good lock


theres nothing wrong with my posts

Read the rules.

You need say positive wallet, kill rights, not in npc corp, where is your character, etc show approval of the character you are selling.

hes BARELY BEEN USED which is why im selling him…

if hes barely been used how tf is he gonna have kill rights…


read the rules link.

are u special? I literally told you on ur last post that you should add the information needed and that the isk can NOT be sent to your main can ONLY go to the CHAR FOR SALE

Please follow the rules when selling a character. You may relist it once all Character Bazaar rules have been followed. Thank you.