WTS 57m skillpoints G/M dread pilot, can use Jump Portal Generator

All CCP rules will be followed.
pilot is in empire
is in NPC corp
no assets worth mentioning
No kill rights

Bids start at 47b

B/O 59b

Bids are welcome

im for sale

im a nyx pilot´╝îtoo.




This thread has been closed as the character for sale is not the same as the seller as per the below rules:

> Before posting, please be aware that any sales threads posted by characters that are not the character being sold will be locked and/or deleted.

Proof of ownership of the character comes in the form of the character that is being sold making the sales thread in which people can bid for it.
A. General rules

Accounts that have been previously banned for macro use are not eligible for character sales.

Lottery style sales are not permitted. Auctions and buyouts are the appropriate method for selling a character.

The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK. Characters may not be sold in exchange for items.

The selling of accounts is prohibited; characters may only be sold individually.

Bumping is allowed only by the character who started the thread once per calendar day. Friendly or multiple bumps per day are not permitted.