WTS Nyx Pilot 17m SP

I am for sale

17 mil Skillpoints with a proper focus to a mothership

715 000 unallocated SP!

Positive wallet

Positive security status

Located in Jita 4-4

Awaiting for a master :slight_smile:


Please suggest a decent offer

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I’ll offer 12B

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Please make sure that your post contains all the relevant and required data specified by the forum rules.

You can find the Rules for selling in this Thread

This thread will remain close until you have edited your post with the appropriate information. Once that is done, please flag your post and I will reopen the thread.

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Opening topic as OP has complied with Bazaar rules.

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Retracting my offer, found another char. Thanks

5 bil bid


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11b bid

12 bi

Accepted from Enou Crendraven, please share the account information and I will wait for ISK transfer

So far no response, waiting for more replies

12B offer
I can close the deal as soon as possible


Accepted from ToprionZ. I will be online in 1,5 hours. Will wait for isk and acc information for transfer

I’ll be online at that time