61M sp Supercap/Carrier/Dread Perfect Null Sec Pilot

Great Nyx Pilot
Capital Ships V Trained
Set of High Grade Slaves
Focused Drone Skills
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status

Ready to go


Offers above 60 B
Buyout 75B

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56 Bill.

As mentioned in the OP, Offers above 60b only please.


First post not suit CCP rules, thats why I put less.

Please clarify, Iā€™m not sure what you mean by the post being against CCP rules?

Character should be at NPC corp.
Set of High Grade Slaves - implants locked at eveskill.

My apologies I have changed eveskill permissions to show implants, and the character has been placed into an NPC Corporation as per the rules.

I will offer 1B ISK to the person who succesfully refers me to a buyer for this character :slight_smile:

65 b/o better than you

Are you offering 65b b/o?

57 bill

No, thankyou.

Does the asset have value? How many ISK if I can get out of 65b

Does the asset have value?

70 bil B/O. Ready to transfer isks. Also sent a mail with account details. Please confirm it I send the isk.

Is your character still on sale?

This you also have a idea?

My offer is valid for the next 12 hous

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