Auction Legacy Moros

WTS Legacy Moros.

Located in NPC station in Mai.

Hull + 3x Large Trimark Rigs I

This auction will end in 7 days.

I reserve the right to accept the any day before. No reserve!

Bidding starts 1.57b which equals todays market for hull and rigs not considering its a legacy.
Email me to lock in your bids!


Still available!

Still available


I’ll start you off with 1.1 Bil.

Legacy rigs aren’t all that valuable unless they’re T2’s. So a T2 Trimarked Moros might have a tad more value.

Okay good to know maybe Ill just use it then if I cant even get hull plus rigs price for it. Thanks for the info though.

Just repack put it on market or make a contract within a range of similarly rigged Moros’s on contracts. Otherwise its just waste of time.

Sounds good thanks


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