Moros full fit 4.2b = 2.2b hull + 2b fit Appraisal sno50q @ Jita 4-4 split: 1,954,684,773.75 ISK | Janice
location Aeschee VI - Moon 4 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support

Phoenix full fit 5.5b = 2.6b hull + 2.9b fit Appraisal 8ny4uY @ Jita 4-4 split: 2,921,444,492.20 ISK | Janice
location Egbinger XI - Moon 3 - CBD Corporation Storage

Given that new construction price is 3b for dreads

WTS ask price 1b
location Jinkah III - Moon 3 - Amarr Civil Service Archives

Moros SOLD

If you are willing to sell just the phoenix hull, contract it to Me. Thank You in advance

sell hull only will be 3b

But did you not state 2.6B above?

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Probably wants 400m isk to make up for loss of rigs, which isnt even that much based on their link.

phoenix is hot and easy to sell, 3b for hull or 5.5 full fit

price not negotiable

and I can offer 2.6 to buy all phoenix in npc station, I know the price very well.


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