[Auction] rare ship logs

Am selling a ton of assorted ship logs from multiple pirate factions

start bid: 500 MILLION ISK
BUYOUT: 25 BILLION (willing to entertain lesser offers of course)

I believe this is my daily BUMP

bumpage for the day

500m deal?


to be clear no reserve AND I forgot to set a end time so

9/29/20 downtime auction ends

current high bid 515M


Lets speed this up , im making buyout 2 billion isk gl.

I’ll take them for 2bill

contract is made , thanks

edit: Still waiting on Shuckstar to accept

Willing to take them for 2 aswell…

Sorry m8, had a emergency with one of my kids, waiting on extended DT to end then can log in and claim. Thanks again.

np shuckstar il wait, hope all ok

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Yeah its fine now, but yesterday wow what a crap day :frowning: Thanks again for waiting.

np server is up :d

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Claimed nice one :slight_smile:

Are they still there

sorry they been sold to shuckstar like i agreed to

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