AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE (with 220 mill SP)

I will keep this simple, Returning player after a few years, looking to get back into the game.

most active 11:00-1400 UTC, 220mill SP - industry / PVE / support focused with a few skills in there that can bite also :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not available for CTAs etc, RL is First to 5th on my list. (but i have the skills to (build/mine/reprocess/sell/ship) what you need)

Keen to join a high sec corp with active players in my time zone with ambitions of going to null sec so i can use my past experiance to help the corp grow.

A long shot i will find what i am looking for, but the MUST HAVE is active CORP players in my time zone.

when you look up my corp / alliance history just keep in mind that i dont even remember most of it, time washes all. Consider me a new player that just happens to have some cool skills and toys.


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We have some Aussies with us, and we are looking for some indy folks if your up for a challenge, we are a wormhole corp. Join our Discord if you want to chat some more about joining: W A R B I R D S | Public

You ever think about wormholing? :smiley: o7 hit up Its_Stunt on discord or Eonallus Johnson in game :slight_smile: were a very casual wormhole group of tightknit members who love to shoot ■■■■ and crab in a C4 - C5/C2. I would love to chat withcha! We arent technically an aussie corp but we have a good amount of AUTZ bros. Funnily enough seemingly your playtime falls into one of our better active times :stuck_out_tongue: HMU! [SHIZZ] Dickhead Corner - C4 Red Giant C2/C5 WH Corp

Hmmm. Go on…

Null, WH and Low security space do not give two shits about your industry skills. For every industrialist there are 10 more in the pipe thinking they will be the new Krupp or Pinkertons of eve.

You offer nothing, provide nothing unique. Unless you want to fill up a ton of skill extractors to hand out to people who are contributing the the corporation, you will have less value than almost anyone else.

Null is earned by shedding blood or paying rent. Since the first question is answered, the second is are you willing to pay between 250-300 million ISK per month in contributions?

With so many years in the game it will be expected you have the ISK to buy all the necessary doctrines. With over 200 million SP you better be able to fly every doctring at almost mastery 5.

As a English speaker in the AU-TZ you have limited options. If you came into my recruitment channel your immediate fail is having too many SP and no inclination to fight.

Anyone reading this should treat you the same, unless they playing eve as a social activity.

In which case, enjoy High sec.

WOW dude, bad day much?

true, they all offer all the same level 5 skills that people take YEARS to train (Krupp or Pinkertons, i have no idea who they are)

apart from being able to do stuff that takes years to learn and do, and have the equipment to do it… maybe your right. one of the last alliances i ONLY managed to build and set up the stations, managed logistics from HS, run the local market just to name a few.

you have no idea what i have been through in this game or what i have done. maybe dont assume so much.

Who said i didnt have the isk to buy ■■■■? I could always sell one of the spare jump freighters… or many other items now worth alot more in my inventory…
Also who said i could not fight?? You must be new to assume the guy giving you shild and armor when you are crying on the mic you are about to die is not helpfull. if i wasnt supporting my combat brothers i would be right in there. but trust me you would rather my maxed out SP boosting your ASS.

Correct. this is a GAME. i will leave fleet in a heat beat to speak to a family member. not sorry about that.

Spend some time in the recruitment channel. Too many who want 0% tax corporations, don’t want to do PAP’s, demand R64 moons to mine for free, expect sign on bonuses and free ships.

While you were away, CCP went back on a 2011 promise and added Skill injectors into the game. Skills train as fast as your credit card allows.

There is a monument in Perimeter you might want to check out.

Whilst it is possible you might buck the trend, the tone is set by the aggregate. Hundreds of people have walked into my recruitment door. I have been let down so many times by 80millon+ SP character that I consider them next to useless. They feel like they have ‘done everything’ and its like pulling teeth to get them to CTA.

Not me. Now you are just being argumentative.

Were you said

Seems pretty definitive?

Sorry to tell you this but a lot of doctrines happened while you were away that run on alpha strike. Not a lot of repping there. With logistics having significantly less tank than mainline, they usually get the brunt of the DPS during a brawl.

This is not about fleets, this is about getting asses in seats and in comms. If you are not going to both, your value is severely diminished.