Returning Aussie - Seeking something new

G’day mates

Returning from a long hiatus, looking to get back into the game.

About me:

  • Aussie (East Coast)
  • Mature player, Family, Scientist
  • ~6 main characters SP ranging 40m - 250m (Currently just going omega on my main)
  • Multiple capitals / supercapitals laying around
  • Enjoy industry, casual pvp
  • Im a spreadsheet nerd
  • Available 1-3hrs / night after DT
  • Self sufficient

Interested in:

  • Industry
  • Casual pvp
  • Exploration / Low Sec shenanigans
  • Relaxed corp / atmosphere is a MUST (I cannot make X number of fleets per week / month)
  • Scamming (I’ve never really done it)
  • Happy to help newbros
  • Location: Would consider anywhere that isnt 24/7 living in wormholes
  • Active people in AUTZ

Things Im not interested in

  • Living in wormholes (day tripping is ok)
  • Hardcore corps that expect more than I can give :slight_smile:

Feel free to reply here, mail ingame or message on discord: BladeM5#4611

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First off, welcome back. The Initiative might have what you’re looking for. The alliance has an active AUTZ and is open to all play styles.

STK, the corp for which I’m recruiting, is a USTZ based group within INIT that is populated with veterans of the game with a generally casual play style. We’re happy to help if needed or let you do you within our alliance. If you’re interested, drop by our thread or in game channel.

Even if you end up somewhere else, welcome back to the game.

Welcome back to eve! We have a decently sized contingent in autz! Warzone is busy with life then.

Check us out mate, Aussies and Kiwis New Zealand + AU + other TZ's corp recruiting

Thanks all for the replies, I’ll endeavor to have a chat and hopefully find a place with a good fit / feel.

Obligatory: still searching :slight_smile:

Metric fucktons of content after DT in the warzone.

Hey mate,

I run a small AU corp as part of Sons of Bane, we do every thing you are saying you want to do. lots of small time pvp, cap fights when they are popping off, i have spread sheets upon spreadsheets for building things in game. only a smaller corp 6-10 heartbeats but super chill

hit me up in game for a chat :slight_smile:

Welcome bsck bud good to see some old vet’s coming back to the game am trying to build up autz i have about 4 members now all great lads they do there own thing i have a alliance aswel. So there is few people online come and have a chat