New Zealand + AU + other TZ's corp recruiting

Cosmic Cohorts: Not Just Another Space Squad!

Greetings, spacefarer! Ever felt the vastness of the cosmos was a tad lonely? Look no further! We’re a budding corporation on a quest to form the friendliest, quirkiest, and most cosmic community this side of the EVE galaxy.
We are based in High Sec and through some space friends have access to a number of WH and other areas of space for a diverse EVE experience

Our CEO hails from the land of Kiwis and Hobbits (New Zealand, if you didn’t catch that). So, while we’re open to all time zones, our current peak activity is between 0500 - 1000 EVE time. Early bird or night owl, we’ve got room for you!

Our Golden Rule Be kind, be friendly, and maybe share your space snacks. No space drama allowed!

Current Group Activities (participation not mandatory, but the fun is!):

  • Mission Running (For those who love a good space quest!)
  • Mining (Because who doesn’t love shiny things?)
  • Moon Mining (Because the moon isn’t just for werewolves.)
    -Worm Hole Content (PI, Combat sites, access to many A0 Wh for top gas and ore sites)
  • Homefront Sites (Home is where the heart is, right?)
  • Abyssals (Dive deep, but not too deep!)

Got questions, space jokes, or just want to chat? Pop into our public channel, Cosmic Cohorts, or shoot a message to Earnest Emu


Bumpety bump come join the fun

Looking for more pilots, night owls bitter verts, everyone welcome.

Come join the new recruits and shape our future

Looking for adventure? We’ve got it all: missions, mining, Homefront and even mysterious abyssals. Join Cosmic Cohorts today

Cohorts had its first ship loss. Very sad times for us. The pilot was rewarded with a medal for his bravery. IA corp donation was made to the poor pilot so he could go seek some professional help, strippers, some spiced wine and holler reels are sure to return him to a calm state.

Cohorts is growing daily, come and join in the fun.

Still looking for new pilots…

interested can you send me more info please …Qld here

Awesome Corp, friendly bunch here, come join us!

HI, I sent an ingame mail a day or 2 ago, let me know if you still have questions

Still looking for new players… We will very shortly have a a base in a C3 wh

Corp is growing nicely and soon will move in to a C3 to enhance the members experience.

What region are you guys from?

Hey @Earnest_Emu - could you message me on Discord? MrJ4zzy

Sorry for late reply, we in minmatar space

Growing everyday…

Bumpty bump, come join the fun

Join us today

Still looking, join us today