STK Scientific is Recruiting!

Who we are: STK Scientific is an old corporation dating back to the beta days of EVE in 2003. We’re a Corp Imbedded in the alliance The Initiative, which resides in the null sec region of Fountain. We’re primarily a US timezone based group, though the alliance has a healthy presence in all timezones, especially EUTZ.

What we do: Apparently we “giggity your gagooggity and we DON’T pull out!”

This is in our corp description and I believe it’s boomer speak for putting two chocolate candies together in Candy Crush (our directors and most of the membership are old as ■■■■. At a minimum, a higher than normal percentage of the corp has thoughts about the vice presidency of Walter Mondale)

In EVE we’re a group of self sufficient bitter (occasionally) vets who all have different styles and want to enjoy the game in our own way. You want to fight all the time? Go for it. You want to explore? Sure thing. You want to haul in high sec? Weird flex but OK nerd.

Our requirements are simple:

  1. Life is short, don’t be a douche.
  2. See requirement one.
  3. Have a microphone.

Who we’re interested in:
We are open to adult pilots of all skill levels and play styles. We’re happy to teach new people but generally we are looking for pilots who can take care of themselves.

We look forward to hearing from you. Our corp recruitment channel STK Recruitment is the place to find us and enquire about joining.

We do just a bit of bumping

STK is still open for business. Come check out one of the oldest active corps in the game!

Great bunch of lads.

WTB Hubris