Australian Belt Strippers [AUBS] recruiting

Gday ladies, gentlemen and beings of unimaginable horror.

AUBS is recruiting and we are looking for AU TZ players. You don’t have to be Australian but our main timezone is AUTZ, we even have a couple of resident nightshift Americans.

We live in the Providence region as a part of the Apocalypse Now alliance and operate under NRDS.

We do a fairly even mix of PVE activities like ratting and industry and PVP with small gang hunting and the occasional big fleet op.

We are a casual group of players with one of our main rules being “RL always has priority”. With a wide variety of experience from Industry heavy players to PVP focused pilots there are plenty of opportunities for learning if your newer to the game or looking for a change of scenery.

What you can expect:

-Casual play times as many of us have jobs and family
-Occasional Mining ops to help maintain corp and alliance facilities and services.
-Slightly loopy and/or crazy people (we are mostly Australians after all)
-Mostly Nullsec with minimal high sec activity.
-Good logistics due to proximity to high sec and transport services available.
-Frequent small gang pvp as provi sees a decent amount of activity. Makes it a great learning environment for pvp and survival skills.
-Well established infrastructure and a well stocked and active market economy.
-Plenty of opportunity for Ratting and Industrial pursuits

What we expect of members.

-Respect other members of the corp, Alliance and provi bloc coalition
-Obey the NRDS rules that make provi the welcoming environment that it is.
-Be in standing fleets and join in on the teamspeak and discord comms when you are online and active, basically join in the community and get to know your fellow pilots.
-API checks are a given like anywhere else
-A keen attitude for learning, trying new things and being part of a player community.
-Be willing, when timezones permit, to participate in the pvp ops to defend provi even if your capacity is only a little bit of ewar or tackle every little bit can help.

Mail or convo 15070P3 (said isotope) or Bigrex If your interested or looking for more in depth information. Alternatively join our public channel “AUBS Public”

EDIT: We do close recruitment during war decc as a precaution.

Recruiting Reopening o7

Still Recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting

Still recruiting thanks

Still recruiting

Still Recruiting

How active are you just before down time ? 0600 eve til down time ?

Still recruiting. Individually our play times can be unpredictable due to shift work and other real life stuff ( I believe I said RL has priority). We also have a few international players who work or play odd hours for their own countries but they fall within AUTZ more often than not. Though yes our peak is generally AU before and after DT.

Hey man, I’m a very casual player from Sydney.
Alpha until I’m confident I wanna pay subscription.
Keen to try exploration.

I can’t find an ad

We found that an advert tended to attract a lot of random unsolicited requests from people who didn’t talk much or wouldn’t reply to convo requests or mails. So we operate by using the Public channel listed in the original post or as it says mail myself or 15070P3.
Ideally we like people to join the channel and talk with members, get to know some of us before throwing their hat in and given providences welcoming of neutrals, so long as your not KOS, it lets people come out in a small fast ship and have a look around at what is available before they commit.
Its worked well so far we don’t have people joining and leaving constantly the people that do join tend to stay.
Don’t just chuck em through a grinder and see what sticks

Still recruiting

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