:fastparrot: Autism Cartel :fastparrot: LF Pirates for Small Gang and Large Scale PvP - US/EU/AU TZ

If you enjoy drinking delicious Carebear tears, this is a good group. JOIN NOW!

Run away and join the circus with us!

Wars just got started, come and join for content.


Added a few more pilots. Couple apps in progress as well. Come and join in for some good times and explosions.

Come and sign up for fun tonight on International Talk Like a Pirate Day! I foresee 'splosions and many YARRS!!! in Local Tonight!

Added more quality pilots!

The time is now to get in on the ground floor!

Last Night was a blast! Faction fitted Orca kill, than went onto BLOPS some fools in Provi. YARRRR!!!

Back to the top!

…the bobo bigtop?

Is the combat mostly happening in hisec or lowsec?

It ain’t easy being -10…

ATM I’d say 40% in HS, 30% in LS, 30% in Null.

We do having a lowsec staging area as we do have a couple members with blinky red sec status :slight_smile:

I do forsee though in the near future LS being our primary stomping grounds as that is most definitely the plan.

New Killboard Looks Sweet!

Interested. Got a Pub channel?

(I got a little one on the spectrum, so the name makes me chuckle)

Join the autism train today, im day 1 in and already great laughs :slight_smile:

Hey I’m a Recruiter for the cartel feel free to shoot me an eve mail or join our new in game pub ch: Autism Cartel Pub

(Both of my brothers are on the spectrum and yes the name is funny to me to)

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32 kills so far just today alone! Get in on some rich PvP content with a solid rewards program!

Back to the top. We just hit the 10 member mark!

What a great weekend, full of good times and kills. If you good a good grip on the game and decent handful of SP and love to pvp, come check us out!


Looking for more quality PvPers

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