The Argonauts :fastparrot: LF New and Experienced PVPERS - Small/Mid scale PVP (US/EU)

Are you an active player that is new or somewhat experienced at PvP and looking to become better at it by flying and learning from an experienced group of PvP Vets? THAN LOOK NO FURTHER AND BECOME AN ARGONAUT TODAY!



  • Target rich environment
  • Teamspeak3 for voice and Discord for text chat
  • Plenty of ISK making opportunities
  • NBSI

What kind of activities do we offer?

  • Hot drops/Black ops
  • Gate Camps and Roams
  • Lowsec and Null PvP
  • High-Sec War Decs
  • Suicide Ganks
  • Piracy
  • Mercenary Services
  • Tear Harvesting
  • Occasional WH PvP

Who is in your player base?

  • Mid-twenties to fourty+ year old nerds
  • Former FCs and Alliance Tourney Pilots from some of the largest alliances in the game
  • Wealthy Nerds that are determined to make our goals succeed
  • Majority of members are in the 100m SP Club
  • Calm nerds who will have a good laugh over a mistake, but that are willing to teach you so you can become a better pilot

Requirements to Join?

  • Minimum 10m SP
  • Alpha Pilots OK
  • Willingness to train into doctrines. Be active on Discord, On Comms, and in Fleet.
  • Newer players with a good grasp of the game’s mechanics and Bitter Vets are welcome to join.
  • Full ESI Check

Current Goals:

  • To blow up ■■■■ each and every day

Future Goals:

  • Claim an area of Lowsec Space.(Done)
  • Continue Expanding Territory

Interested in Joining?

  • Join our Pub Channel = “Argonauts Pub”
  • Reach us on Discord =
  • Talk to a corp recruiter via in game message and we will follow up shortly after.

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