:fastparrot: Autism Cartel :fastparrot: LF Pirates for Small Gang and Large Scale PvP - US/EU/AU TZ

Hey I’m a Recruiter for the cartel feel free to shoot me an eve mail or join our new in game pub ch: Autism Cartel Pub

(Both of my brothers are on the spectrum and yes the name is funny to me to)

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32 kills so far just today alone! Get in on some rich PvP content with a solid rewards program!

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What a great weekend, full of good times and kills. If you good a good grip on the game and decent handful of SP and love to pvp, come check us out!


Looking for more quality PvPers

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Seeking individuals that require tears to fuel their ships.

666 Views… nice.

Looking for more old fart, bitter vets to join in on some content with us.

So I’m interested…do you guys operate in space other than HS as well?

Def a old fart bitter vet who lives on tears of the weak here. And I’m hungry and looking for something good enough to resub for…

We will be moving to LowSec within the week. We will be staging in LS and ops run in HS/LS. Also, BLOPS run from HS to Null. If you’re interested please send me an ingame mail with your Full Account API w/ No Expiry and I will reach out to you shortly after.

CEO just got us 8 fresh wardecs, lots of content to be had for both US and EU timezones, we may be a small corp but we are steadily growing and very active. If you enjoy space boat violence and want a sound group of peeps to.play with look no further!!! Join the autism train today :slight_smile:


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