:fastparrot: Autism Cartel :fastparrot: LF Pirates for Small Gang and Large Scale PvP - US/EU/AU TZ

Corpmate ransomed an orca in lowsec last night after killing his dual griffin escort, nice 1.5 bil in his pocket. Nice one Kara!! By the way Autism Cartel honours all duals and ransoms

Besides passing time listening to techno music, and admiring the biggest gapes. I can often be found gatecamping in a procurer.

If you want to do Win stuff like this and much more hit up one of our recruiters.


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Come get classy with us.

Not a half bad group of guys, although their USTZ could use some help =P.

I require more nerds Sign up today :smiley:

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I’m interested.

you know that you’ve made it when people start plagiarizing your recruitment post

Drop into our public channel “Autism Cartel Pub” and say hello

Talk to a recruiter today to get in on some content!

Looking for more pilots to go get killmarks with!

Things are really starting to take off!

7 day delta is at +6

Start flying with some of the best pilots in New Eden TODAY!

Hey hey hey, old player here back just today due to alphas actually having skills now! I sold my miner for 8 bil, injected some gunnery skills and am ready to go! Need to get my -10 on.

Skills include:

Overheat everything
Approach a ship
Activate modules.
Sometimes bothering to dscan.

I love blaster catalysts, And got a few bil to burn through!


Drop in to our public channel and talk with us :slight_smile:

Autism Cartel is recruiting!! Now also accepting Alphas and combat industrialists for intense fun!!