AUTZ player 100m SP with alts looking for breathtaking pvp groups

What Can I Bring

  1. One “pilot” experienced (somewhat) in PVP, PM for zkb
  2. Titan alt, FAX alt, boost alt and possibly the assets with them

What I Look For

A small-sized, pvp-oriented AUTZ corp that actively looks for content, enjoys explosions and respects each member.

Hey @Kachikawawa_Hanomaa,

Right click jump to is active in autz. We are primary PvP focus with the ability to make money as you like. Our mainline doctrines are blops and t3c in addition to normal test doctrine. If that seems like your cup of tea come fine me in discord or reply here rangerwolfy#4987

Greetings Kachikawawa Hanomaa,


Row Row Fight the Power [TRYRM] is the premiere active AUTZ Corp in TEST Alliance with a focus on PvP. We have an active member base, and although our prime time is AUTZ, Corp members are often on 23/7 as we suit shift workers and odd schedules from around the world.

TRYRM has a great community that is very active on comms and in our discord server. Our members are often roaming around hungrily seeking PvP action, whether it be as part of small gang roams, organise corp roams or large TEST alliance ops/gangs.

Get to know each other!

Join our public discord channel:

Join our public in game chat channel: TRYRM Public

Introduce yourself in the public channel and ask to speak to a recruiter/HR.

Have a chat and find out if we would be a good fit for eachother.

Detendu Olacar
Row Row Fight the Power [TRYRM]

Hey man! No Vacancies is currently looking for AUtz folks to join our ranks :slight_smile: If you’re interested in high class wormhole space, check us out. Join our discord or shoot me a pm in game if you got any questions about our current AUtz.

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