[AUTZ/RUTZ] White Snow. - Raiding Nullsec - Recruiting!

White Snow. is looking for about a dozen or so pilots seeking PvP in this adventure we call EVE. We currently operate in AUTZ through RUTZ, and some EUTZ as well. Our corporation has no USTZ but the alliance we fly with – Honorable Third Party - is heavy in USTZ so there’s plenty of fun to be had.

What do we offer?

  • Solo and small gang PvP opportunities - We stage in Tash-Murkon, one jump away from Providence and a few short hops to Catch. Providence and Catch are both very content-heavy areas with two major blocs building their empires nearby. Hop in a ship and go roam by yourself, or grab a few corpmates and challenge yourself taking on the hordes of the response fleets.

  • Black Ops – Due to the geography, black ops can reach almost all of Providence and Northern Catch, and there’s Blops opportunities a-plenty. Just bring your own bomber and join in on the fun!

Basic Requirements

  • Fly a battleship with appropriate T2 weapons
  • Fly any interceptor
  • Fly any stealth bomber
  • Willing to train into Carriers and/or FAX

Normal time of operation is between 0930 – 1500 EVE, and then 1900 – 2200 EVE

Our Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98493674/

Bottom line up front, the corporation is very young and currently it’s just myself trying to find more active and PvP-hungry pilots in my timezone. If you’re interested, stop by the in-game channel “La Catedral” and give me a shout or message me here!

Still recruiting pilots!

Still recruiting pilots!

Still recruiting pilots! AUTZ/RUTZ/EUTZ! Come and join in on the fun, tons of content to be had!

Still recruiting more pilots!

Still recruiting pilots!

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