(AUTZ) South Pacific [STH.] [WRECK] Citadel De-construction Experts

South Pacific [STH.] is the Au/NZ core of Wrecking Machine, Dedicated to proliferating the destruction and ransoming of all citadels in HiSec. So if you enjoy a relaxed super casual environment that pays you to join fleets and aid in the destruction of citadels, we have a place for you!

Recruitment is currently Open to all AUTZ pilots.

Outside of alliance level citadel piracy, we conduct:

  • Mission/Miner Baiting
  • Ganking
  • 3 man Frigate Abyssal sites

Occasionally we may conduct a little of the following:
-Moon Mining
-Mission Running

We also have access to many other activities with the other corporations within WM

Alphas and new bros welcome.
Wrecking Machine offers Alphas:
-Alpha Skill Plan
-Free Doctrine Crusier upon completion
-Free Alpha daily injector after first alliance fleet

For further details, please visit http://www.wreckingmachine.net/ or in game via “South Pacific Pub

wreckingmachine_6 %5D

Still Recruiting all Autz bros.

As a bonus, all alliance ops with Wrecking Machine are paid.
Thats right, joins fleets, get paid.

For all Alpha Bros that are interested
The alliance provides:

Free skill books and plans
Free daily alpha skill booster on attending your first fleet
Free alpha fitted Phantasm cruiser on completing your training plan

The holiday season is almost over and a new campaign of ransoms and destruction awaits
Visit http://www.wreckingmachine.net/ and sign up now

The holidays are over, new victims have been targeted and await execution.
Do your part for the Autz and Hisec, and help us proliferate Hisec Piracy!

Citadels are exploding, Ransoms being paid, corporate espionage in progress and ganking a plenty.
Content available for those that seek it.

Domain is currently feeling some pain, Autz bros, come farm some tears with us

One of the guys got bored and made this:

my kind of people in my tz…

joined your public channel…
see you guys after work.

I spoke to a couple of you on my PvE missioning character, have finally made a PvP char. Do I still have to do the Wrecking Machine induction to join? (3am Monday morning xD)

Dead Terrorists making Highsec full of good fights for us and our bros in Pirat at the moment, Joins us and have some fun as the “bad guys” of highsec…

Change is coming, Citadels left abandoned are now gonna be loot pinatas waiting to pop.
Get on board and get your share!

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