Avada Kedavra Nomads looking for new pvp pilots

Avada Kadavra from the Aramaic “Avra K’davra”, meaning: 'It Will Be Created In My Words’

Tired of Highsec and want to learn how to pvp in a chill and casual environment?
Tired of being an F1 Monkey, getting blue balled and always have to fly out alone for actual pvp?

Then Avada Kedavra Nomads is the place for you.
Public Discord: https://discord.gg/vGMgW4e

We are a small EU TZ PVP & Exploration focused corp with homegrounds in the Providence region.
We live in the spirit of our Corp name as we have to work together on comms to generate the best content for ourselfs.
Our corp is a member of Curatores Veritatis Alliance. One of the oldest PVP focused Alliances in the game.
The Providence region is perfect for exploration, small scale PVP and bigger fleet fights in the absence of TiDi.
Lowsec and Empire Space are only a few jumps out for frigate pvp content and logistics ease of access.
Most of our corp members are notable content creaters and FC’s.
We are open for the old time veteran aswell as the freshly born Newbro.
We have daily small gangs and bigger fleets going out and encourage our members to set up their own.
Linear Membership. We don’t set a Skillpoint limit. Alpha Clones are more then welcome to join us.

What do we expect from you:

Active pvp and fleet participation.
A healthy attitude towards shiplosses.
Working together with other corp and alliance members.
Be active on comms and out of game channels.

What our corp can give to you:

Ship Replacement Program for fleet fights.
Sansha Space for all your exploration needs.
Alliance Market and Jump Freighter services.
A chill envoirement with experienced members to learn how to pvp/FC.
A decent nullsec home with a big network of jumpbridges and citadel access.

Downsides of the corp:

One of our FC’s is an English drunken c*nt. But we love him anyway.
The other one smokes too much weed but has a funny Dutch accent.
We don’t always make it out alive all the time and we don’t care.

ZKill Corp: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98577179/

Acceptance based on a short interview on comms to see if you are a good fit.

For recruitment and/or questions you can mail in-game to: Clayton Cash & Lektro Illuminate
Or join our public In-Game chat channel: Avada Kedavra Public.

Juan minute! You said PVP?