Pilot looking for frequent smol gang roam corp

Greetings capsuleer,

I’m reaching the endstage halflife of my eve career. I’m throwing this post out in hopes of finding a like-minded smallgang corp that can help reignite my bloodthirsty passion for the game.

I tried almost everything on EVE, high-sec ganks notwithstanding. Most fun I ever had was with small corps who roam looking to fight bigger groups. In the right conditions we would get gud fights and rack up tons of kills. Ocassionally we caught krabbing caps. Sometimes we got wiped and that’s cool too.

Looking for a small group of knowledgeable, skilled small-gangers. Trying to find players passionate about the game; people for whom pre-planning our comp and discussing synergies is as fun as the roam itself. Looking for people who are really good and willing to help those around them level up (I’m always looking to improve!).

Trying to avoid ragers, abusive communicators, and definitely please none of that l33t-PVP pretentiousness.

How I see myself: Experienced PVPer who’s had the fortune of flying with a lot of good corps and players. Not very mechanically skilled, but makes up for it with decent understanding of mechanics and tactics. Prefers the teamwork coordination of small-gang over solo. More of a +1 pilot who excels under competent FCs. Enjoys flying cost efficient hulls (like empire faction cruisers), and using quirky fits. Can be counted on to fulfill roles, but has been known to derp under pressure :3 Not overly friendly, and prefer typing to speaking on comms. Loyal to groups who do right by him–stayed with most corps longer than one year.

If I’m a good fit who can contribute to your corp, please send me a mail ingame. FYI, I’ll check killboards looking for columns of kills involving ~2-10 pilots, as I find that recruiters often say things in their pitch that is not evidenced by kills.

Thanks for reading!

Ged - https://zkillboard.com/character/1552101881/

AVAKE = Recruiting, small PvP and exploration focused corp. We do however prefer to play the game with comms. Always welcome to hop on our discord server and chat and see if you would fit in. AVAKE is looking for new EUTZ PVP pilots

I think you’d fit in really well with us if that’s the kind of thing you like. Prepping the fleet, the route, then executing that perfect ratter catch or a hard earned small skirmish, then dissecting it on comms to celebrate and learn. That’s the vibe at Noir.

We are smol, but we also attac. Our Discord if you want to hang out and learn more, maybe arrange a time to come out on fleet?

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Sounds like yu’d be a good fit for us. Most of our fleets are small gang (5-10), and typically for the larger brawls we’ll have 10 guys multiboxing 2-3 characters each. We’re used to training up guys be strong mechanical players, just have to be willing to learn.

We might be of interest. We are a small close knit group of guys that have been playing for a while and have been trying to keep small gang warfare alive.

This happened randomly as a spur of the moment fight.

You would be a good fit for us.

Hey dude check us out if you like what you see join our public or mail myself and lets talk o7

Hey guy, not sure how you feel about wormholes., but if you are interested, then Wrong Hole She Said, might offer what your looking for. We’re mostly eu tz, with a small us tz , looking to recruit in both. Most fights we’re in are small gang affairs, with 1 person finding some prey and a cple more joining in on the fly to get the job done., we are active players looking to grow and improve, with our focus on pvp. That being said, we are casuals, not l33t pvp bull$hit. No mandatory things, or strict doctrines., we do try to fly effective fleet comps and theory crafting up new ones is an ongoing thing. we do expect a certain degree of self sufficiency, and situational seriousness when it comes to fleets and comms and such. Feel free to check us out or stop by our pub channels


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