LF FW/small gang pvp Corp

Greetings! I’m looking for a small gang pvp corp. I’m still learning the finer parts of eve pvp, and it’s been …fun dying a lot. However It does get a little lonesome when I play (03-08 gmt). which I think could be improved by finding a group with a similar schedule. I have about 7m sp, and a few months of experience.

My goals:

  • Primary: pvp. Guidance/mentorship welcomed.
  • Secondary: industry so I don’t have to grind as much. Still enjoy the occasional krabbing session though.

What I bring to the table:

  • Active
  • Willingness to learn and try new things
  • Self sufficient

Feel free to reply here, or hmu in game.

Hi Hux! Nice to meet you!

I think DadTZ might be something you could give a try. We are late USTZ and most of our fleets start at 03:00 or 04:00 and run late into the USTZ timezones. We live in Null Sec and are very PVP oriented. Daily content is what we do.

As you might guess by the name we are a pretty laid back group that realizes life comes first. Whatever the commitments are we all find ourselves trying to kick back and enjoy a game like Eve 2nd.

If you’d like to give us a try before joining hit me up on Discord this weekend and we will take you out on a small gang roam so you can see if you like flying with us :slight_smile: !

Discord: https://discord.gg/Wq8MG2AwBa
Website: https://spaceshipfam.com/

Hey! I started a lore-based corporation, but we’re still working to recruit members, so we’re still on the smaller side. We’re moving into lowsec Molden Heath with our alliance, with NPC null and then sov null on the books. Even if RP/lore isn’t your thing, you still got a home here, it’s just the background of the corp. and its name. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. You can find more info on the corp information tab there. Fly safe o/

Still seeking a small gang pvp oriented group that is active late night USTZ, preferably on the Minmatar/Gallente side of faction warfare.

Hello Hux, any interest in checking out life in Pochven? This region functions like a hybrid of J-space and NPC-null, which lends itself well to small-gang PvP and skirmishes.

Stribog is recruiting new capsuleers and corporations of all skill levels and vocations. From moon-mining to small gang PvP, our alliance caters to players on any career path.

What we offer:

  • ム Industry - enjoy null-sec level bonuses to refining, manufacturing, research, and planetary production only a few jumps from Jita
  • ム Logistics - transport goods into and out of Pochven with easy connections to Empire space
  • ム Mining - mine r64 moons and Triglavian ores from the richest belts in the game
  • ム PvE - battle Drifters, Rogue Drones, and EDENCOM for rewards from the Triglavian Collective
  • ム PvP - engage in small-gang warfare, ESS heists, and daily roams with a team of friendly and active pilots

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game to Stribog Proving [SKS3P] and authenticate on our Discord Server.

Hope to fly with you soon in The Domain of Bujan

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